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Where does the Tropical Boudoir photoshoot take place?

It is one of the first few questions I frequently get.

The main location for our photoshoots is always connected to the nature: sea, beaches, sand, tropics, rocks… They are many of the natural components that make our planet unique, they give to the tropical photo shoot it’s originality saturated with atmosphere of freedom and adventure.

Here we don’t have frames, borders, rush and multistory stoned buildings. The nature has been preserved in its pristine appearance. That is one of the reasons why during the photo session every woman feels herself easy and liberated. Such condition is very important and helps to create sensual, artistic and candid photos.

The water expressed by the sea, waves and drops gives to the tropical boudoir photo shoot an adventurous touch, the sand accentuate the surroundings by adding a little glamour, the palm trees bestows the location with a touch of wildness and the rocks give a little refinement.

The main Tropical Boudoir studio is located and available for the photo session in Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun. We also travel to Europe to make Boudoir photo sessions. Contact us to find more information about Tropical Boudoir and book your photo shoot.

Liberate yourself, your beauty in the tropics and you will be blown away by your photos. 

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